VW Percy Wavre Pose film protection solaire sur les vitres
Next-Lab specializes in adhesive solar protection, sun control, security films, adhesive anti uv.
solar control adhesive, film solaire, protection solaire, film anti graffiti, adhésif sécurité, next-lab, next-way, films pour vitrage de différents types : économie d'énergie, protection des surfaces vitrées, réflexion solaire, décoratifs, Protects your inside from sun rays, your glazed surfaces from external attacks and gives privacy to your accommodation, anti uv
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Volswagen VW Percy Motor Wavre

VW Percy Wavre

Garage VW Percy à Wavre

Briefing from Percy Motors  :

In sales offices, customers are facing the large windows, we want to increase the comfort, as natural as possible

Also relieve the air conditioning bill

Solution :

Interior Films

We chose the Solar Screen Multiglass 66C film

Outcome :

Customer Happy

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