Step-Stone Office - Wall warp decoration and Frost discretion films
Next-Lab specializes in adhesive solar protection, sun control, security films, adhesive anti uv.
solar control adhesive, film solaire, protection solaire, film anti graffiti, adhésif sécurité, next-lab, next-way, films pour vitrage de différents types : économie d'énergie, protection des surfaces vitrées, réflexion solaire, décoratifs, Protects your inside from sun rays, your glazed surfaces from external attacks and gives privacy to your accommodation, anti uv
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Step Stone Office Dusted films with Logo

step stone

Step-Stone Office in Brussels

Customer : Step Stone

Briefing from Step-Stone  :

Give colours to the toilet

make the kitchen corners more lively

Protect the walls from dirt and facilitate cleaning

Increase the discretion on certain windows for the privacy of certain zones

Technical Info :

Wall : Self adhesive Polymer 5929P + Polymer laminate LF3998

Windows : Dusted Frost





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