Lowie Frieton Restaurant- Solar Control Interior Multiglass 66c Films
Next-Lab specializes in adhesive solar protection, sun control, security films, adhesive anti uv.
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frieton solar control film multigllass 66c


Lowie Frieton Restaurant in Gistel

Briefing from Lowie Frieton  :

The heat in summer with the sun hitting directly on the windows was untenable

The perception of the heat and glare of the sun were really unbearable

The viability of the restaurant was in jeopardy

The customer has invested enormously to completely redo the old “fritekot”

Solution :

The former owner had placed an enormous, unsightly solar tent, which had been dismantled during the renovation.

We chose the Solar Screen Multiglass 66C film

Outcome :

You saved my business. The result is impressive

Honestly I was skeptical but it’s good to eat again at the tableThank you very much, you are welcome when passing in the region

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