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The security special films are specially designed to afford mirrors and windows a higher degree of security, Use in public space for more security
Mirror protection, films securité, anti-éclat, adhésif sécurité
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security special films for mirror

Security Special Films

Specially designed to afford mirrors and windows a higher degree of security, the Special Security films are ideal for use in spaces such as sports halls or dance studios.

Mirrors in public spaces, such as sports facilities, swimming pools and lifts must comply with higher than ordinary glass safety and security requirements. The Secur 4 (50m) film is specially designed to be applied to the back of mirrors, providing protection by holding shattered glass in place in the event of an explosion, fire or impact.

security special films secur 4
5WarrantyReach RoHS
  • SECUR 4

    • Widths : 152 cm
    • M1
    • Storage : 3 years
    • EN 12600 2B2
European Standard EN 12600 2B2

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