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Aboutus: All our experience at your service in technical films such as Solar control, security, discretion, design. Next-lab branch of Next-way
Aboutus, solar control, window film, security film, discretion, decoration film
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About US

photo arnaud van reysen

Arnaud van Reysen

Co Owner

25 years of experience in the sector. After so many years I’m still passionate about my job. Having worked 17 years for the market leader, managing key accounts and projects such as the World Expo in Shanghai. I felt the need to create my own company in 2015 with Sebastien. Especially to keep intact my passion, my freedom in terms of service quality, customer satisfaction before profitability.

photo sebastien simonis et sophie

Sébastien Simonis

Co Owner

7 years of activity on his own for the technical adhesive such as sun protection film, anti graffiti & film automotive protection. 3 years as project manager for the same market leader in managing the remodelling Carrefour Market.Decided to join forces with Arnaud to pool our complementary experiences.

Social Link

Social Link

Company :

Next-way is a young company at the legal level. It is a continuation of a working life of the two founders.

It is a lifestyle choice, the reason for choosing the name “Next-Way”.

The need to find the right priorities such as customer satisfaction.

To keep the level of quality by mastering oneself even the different stages of the project.

Control the costs of the infrastructure for the benefit of the customer.

Our engine it’s customers thanks.

All large companies have followed, they even pushed in our approach

Our Partners :

Originally established in 1984 by Hervé and Marilyn Thibaut, SOLAR SCREEN® has made innovation the driving force behind its success. The company is committed to providing its network of 3,000 professional window film installers with the highest standards of service and support.

Having established partnerships with some of the biggest names in the window film manufacturing industry worldwide, SOLAR SCREEN® designs its own window films and offers unrivalled service excellence to its installers in Europe. We are focused on delivering the highest standards in quality, as well as guaranteeing constant product availability.

Over 25 years ago, SOLAR SCREEN® established a shade film blind manufacturing site in order to complete its offering to the glazing sector, producing tens of thousands of products there every year since.

Coverstyl is part of Solarscreen Group

The effectiveness of the Cover Styl’ solution is demonstrated time and time again thanks to its considerable benefits. A wide range of companies have opted for our trusted solutions and elected to install our products.