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Our self-adhesive window films not only improve the aesthetic and technical properties of glass, they also limit the need for the costly replacement of glazed surfaces and cut air conditioning usage by up to 70%. There are 6 main categories in our product range:Solar control films - Anti-UV films - Privacy films - Security films - Special films - Automotive films
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Accidents and acts of vandalism can cause a glass pane to shatter into thousands of smaller and potentially harmful pieces of flying glass. When applied to any ordinary sheet of glass, instantly transforming it into highly resistant safety glass.

Interior Design

Why replace, when you can upgrade. Exclusive in design... Over 500 product references to help you renovate or transform walls & furniture.


In order to escape the scrutiny of prying eyes or restrict two-way visibility, we offers a range of coloured, translucent or opaque privacy films.

Solar Control

To any type of glazing, solar control films provide a considerable reduction in solar heat gain; solar glare control ; a substantial reduction in air conditioning costs; near complete absorption of UV solar radiation.


Design films add a touch of privacy to your environment, without restricting light transmission They allow you to personalise the design of your windows or highlight the entrance to a space.


We offers a range of specialised window films that provide effective solutions to a number of specific problems, the most frequent of which are issues in controlling heat loss, vandalism, graffiti, anti-fog or antibacterial.

Interior Design :

It has never been easier to carry out a renovation project. Breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces thanks to Cover styl’: a highly cost-effective and low-maintenance vinyl covering that is both quick and easy to apply, offering additional benefits such as resistance to UV rays and fire.

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